Final Piece

Polarised Black and White Panoramic

These are the two images that I have created using Photoshop that will be my final pieces for my Unit 2 work. The images are inspired by Will Pearson’s Alternative Perspective images that he has created, mostly focusing around London. In order to make it fit my brief, I made my original restaurant fronts panoramics into the globe inspired circular images. My images show a table top spinning idea of different foods and there cultures. I believe that it can be interpreted as showing how Britain is now so multicultural that there is no longer a clear indication of British cuisine, and so, everything is now spinning with the choices that we have on offer.

I decided to create one black and white image as well as a colour image in order to emphasie the different techniques used in photograpy and each individual image gives off a different feeling and meaning. The colour image portrays how different cultures focus on colour to advertise their cuisine whilst the black and white image show a more sophisticated side towards modern dining in Britain.

Overall, I am very pleased with how these two final images have come out.

Polarised Colour Panoramic


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