Final Panoramics

After capturing numerous restaurant fronts in the town centre, all of different colours, textures and sizes, I then decided to create a panoramic on Photoshop. I wanted to experiment with both a black and white version, as well as a colour one. I wanted to do this to furthur prove my point of colour being a major factor in the advertising of restaurants.

This is the black and white version of my panoramic shot of my abstract street view. I am very pleased with how it has come out, with the purpose of the final image being clear and the linking of the images together looking believable.

This is the colour version of my panoramic shot. This image proves the point that I have made that certain colours and styles are vital in the advertising of food. For example, the Italian outlets tend to show shades of green and are quite subtle whilst Asian outlets – such as sushi tended to show bolder textures and colours, for example the wooden boarded enterance of Tampopo and the neon colours of Yo!Sushi.


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