Panoramic Photography – Will Pearson

I wanted to experiment with different foods within different cultures. To do this, I decided that I wanted to capture lots of shop fronts or restaurents that represented different foods and cultures. After I had captured lots of different shop fronts, I then wanted to experiment trying to merge/link them together to create a panoramic viewer of a non-existent highstreet. All of the shop fronts would be of different sizes which could be an issue but it would also add a sense of surrealism to the final piece.

After deciding on continuing this project using panoramics, I decided that I would investigate the panoramic photographer Will Pearson.

Will Pearson is a professional panoramic photographer who lives inLondon and works worldwide. His panoramic photography has been exhibited in lots of galleries in both the UK and in China. His panoramic photographs are often produced large-scale. A recent image was produced at 32m (105 foot) long.

After experimenting with panoramics in Unit 1, I have decided that I want to create two images using Pearson as inspiration and create a series of panoramics.


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