Art from Art – Michelle Caplan

In order to try and broaden my ideas on how to create an image using mixed media, I decided to try experimenting with different artists and there ideas of how they display their work.
I decided that I would first look at the artist/photographer Michelle Caplan.

Michelle Caplan is a mixed media collage artist who uses both primary and secondary images to create one overall image. She lives and works in Los Angeles and chose to present her images in this way because she believes it shows a continuous narrative for the main focus of the image, whether that be a person, animal or place.
This image shows how the main focal point of the image has a story surrounding it with the use of other images of different colours as well as text and hand drawings.

I decided to recreate my own version of a Michelle Caplan image that was similar to my brief. To achieve this I used a variety of secondary images, cut out of magazines alongside my own image that I had taken to become the focal point. I ensured that it matched my brief by chosing secondary images of dining and eating and also choosing a food related photograph for the focal point.
I chose to use my lettace and McDonalds box for my focal point.


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