Abstract Photography – McDonalds

I have decided that for my next photoshoot, I would like to experiment with both humorous and abstract photography.
Due to this, I have decided to investigate the ideas of using unusual objects to represent other foods. For example, the idea of using bubble wrap to represent boiling, bubbling water.
This can be seen further within my previous research of the animation Western Spaghetti by PES.

As well as this concept, I am also interested in re-inventing an idea surrounding a particular food. For example, many people interpret McDonalds chips as a fatty junk food, that do not provide any good nutrition for the consumer. To experiment with this idea and concept, I decided to re-invent this belief by using a McDonalds chip container but filling it with batteries instead. This can show that chips can be an interpretation as a source of energy for the consumer. To create this image, I scanned both of the objects into a scanner and then edited it slightly on Photoshop.
I decided to use yellow batteries to complete this shoot as it would link better to the previous ideas of what chips look like.

As well as re-creating an idea around food, I would also be interesting in experimenting what people wish certain foods were like. For example, many people wish that the most unhealthy foods for you were some of the healthiest you could eat. This would make an ironic photograph which would be interesting to look at. Because of this, I have decided to take the McDonalds chips idea even furthur by using this idea as well with it.
I decided to create a shoot in which the chips would be replaced by shredding Lettuce, creating the ironic image of people wishing the food was actually as healthy for you as Lettuce is.


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