PES – Western Spaghetti

I have decided that I will complete the Food option in our Unit 2 brief. After creating mind maps and discussing with my teachers about the possible options within this brief option, I have decided that I want to start my research and experimenation into humorous food photography and food photography that contains hidden meanings and values. In order to start with these ideas I have decided to get some inspiration from a animator/artist namedPES.
PES is an artist that uses animation to show his work and thoughts towards food. His work is found in short film style and his work has also been featured in some adverts.

The main body of work that I have researed and will focus on is his short animation “Western Spaghetti” which was both writtern and directed by him.

What makes this work unique is that the artist creates a twist on his objects. For example, instead of using butter within the animation, he will use yellow post-it notes. Another example is the use of die representing sugar cubes. His humorous twist on objects represnting common objects is what I am most interested in so I have decided that  I would like to re-create some of my own stills in the style of his animation technique.


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