Jim Goldberg – Photographer

I have decided to further experiment with the ideas that I have already been focusing on with the previous few photoshoot. Rather than continuing to focus on just the concept of food content in wrong packaging, I wanted to take it further and do food content in the wrong enviroment – the examples that I will experiment with is a TV/Microwave dinner in a formal place setting with proffestional cutlery and napkins in contrast to a formal meal in an informal place setting, such as in front of the TV.
This means it further links back to my brief of experimenting with not only food but the dining aspect of it also. I have decided to look at the photographer and artist Jim Goldberg as some of his work focuses on contrasting situations. They are not nessasarily linked to food but to society and how it has changed.

Jim Goldberg – born in 1953, is an American photographer and writer, whose work reflects long-term, in-depth recordings of neglected, ignored and “outside-the-mainstream” populations. In Goldberg’s style he uses different media when creating an image such as writing over the top of an image or underneath it. All of the writings are relevent to the situation or are the words spoken by the person concerned within the image. Some of the text is even writen by the persons within the image.

Some of his most recognised works are
‘Rich and Poor’ 1985
‘Nursing Home raised by Wolves’ 1995
‘Rich and Poor’ was and still is considered one of the greatest photobooks of the 20th century.
and ‘Hospice, and Open See’ 2009

I decided to attempt to recreate a Jim Goldberg image for myself but using food. I focused on some of images from previous shoots that focused on incorrect content and packaging. This emphasises the ideas of a ‘wish society’ that Jim Goldberg can be seen to attempt to capture.
To go about creating this image, I attempted two methods.

The first method I used was creating some written text on Microsoft Word that focused around the topic. Once I had written text that spanned about half a page, I printed it onto plain A4 paper and then scanned it in alongside the acetate image. The scanning caused the two objects to come together to create one image which looked good.

I then further went onto Photoshop and created a desaturated version alongside the colour. I wanted to have two contrasting options that I could use for this piece of experimentation that were opposite to each other. This clearly showed which image would be better to use for the final image of this recreation.

The second method that I chose to experiment with was printing the image onto acetate, in order to allow light easily through the image, and then writing over the top with permanant marker. To start, I began experimenting with memorable phrases that I could use to write over the top of the acetate using the permanant marker. Once I came up with the final idea of my written work, I wrote it onto the printed image with a permanant marker. I then scanned this image into the scanner in order to create a good effect due to the light and material used for the image. The image was projected really well against the scanner, and the use of a hand written message rather than the typed also added a personal feeling to it.

Overall, I believe that this experimentation was good and relevent to my project. The use of the artist inspiration also helped to push this idea forward and I would be interested in experimenting with this type of mixed media again during the rest of the project.

Here is the contact sheet for this experimentation of Jim Goldberg.


Abstract Photography – Packaging

In order to expand on this idea further, I have decided to use packaging and its content to demonstrate how photography can be abstract but can also look humorous.
I decided to experiment with this idea by doing 3 photo shoots, using 3 different types of packaging and 3 different ideas for abstract content.

The first idea that I wanted to focus on was an egg box but replacing the egg content with lit candles. The idea of using candles can indicate life (associated with eggs) but the light given out from the candles also creates a nice effect against the egg box.
This gallery shows the images that I took within the photo shoot and the final images that I am most likely to use for the final piece of this experimentation.

The second idea that I wanted to focus around was a completely separate idea around different types of packaging. This means that I wanted to try and find a very unique type of packaging that viewers will instantly recognize it’s use. For this I decided to use a sardine tin pull-ring but remove the sardines and replace it with a different product. I experimented with two different options for products, the first was chillies and the second was sunflower seeds. I wanted to try two very different options to see the different effects.
This gallery shows the images that I took within the photo shoot (including the two different contents) and the final images that I am most likely to use for the final piece of this experimentation.

The third and final photo shoot that I decided to do concerning packaging was a cereal packet which originally contained an unhealthy cereal, replaced by a healthier option. I decided to use raisins to be interpretted as Coco Pops due to their similarities in colour and size.
This gallery shows the images that I took within the photo shoot  and the final images that I am most likely to use for the final piece of this experimentation.

Art from Art – Michelle Caplan

In order to try and broaden my ideas on how to create an image using mixed media, I decided to try experimenting with different artists and there ideas of how they display their work.
I decided that I would first look at the artist/photographer Michelle Caplan.

Michelle Caplan is a mixed media collage artist who uses both primary and secondary images to create one overall image. She lives and works in Los Angeles and chose to present her images in this way because she believes it shows a continuous narrative for the main focus of the image, whether that be a person, animal or place.
This image shows how the main focal point of the image has a story surrounding it with the use of other images of different colours as well as text and hand drawings.

I decided to recreate my own version of a Michelle Caplan image that was similar to my brief. To achieve this I used a variety of secondary images, cut out of magazines alongside my own image that I had taken to become the focal point. I ensured that it matched my brief by chosing secondary images of dining and eating and also choosing a food related photograph for the focal point.
I chose to use my lettace and McDonalds box for my focal point.


Abstract Photography – McDonalds

I have decided that for my next photoshoot, I would like to experiment with both humorous and abstract photography.
Due to this, I have decided to investigate the ideas of using unusual objects to represent other foods. For example, the idea of using bubble wrap to represent boiling, bubbling water.
This can be seen further within my previous research of the animation Western Spaghetti by PES.

As well as this concept, I am also interested in re-inventing an idea surrounding a particular food. For example, many people interpret McDonalds chips as a fatty junk food, that do not provide any good nutrition for the consumer. To experiment with this idea and concept, I decided to re-invent this belief by using a McDonalds chip container but filling it with batteries instead. This can show that chips can be an interpretation as a source of energy for the consumer. To create this image, I scanned both of the objects into a scanner and then edited it slightly on Photoshop.
I decided to use yellow batteries to complete this shoot as it would link better to the previous ideas of what chips look like.

As well as re-creating an idea around food, I would also be interesting in experimenting what people wish certain foods were like. For example, many people wish that the most unhealthy foods for you were some of the healthiest you could eat. This would make an ironic photograph which would be interesting to look at. Because of this, I have decided to take the McDonalds chips idea even furthur by using this idea as well with it.
I decided to create a shoot in which the chips would be replaced by shredding Lettuce, creating the ironic image of people wishing the food was actually as healthy for you as Lettuce is.

PES – Western Spaghetti

I have decided that I will complete the Food option in our Unit 2 brief. After creating mind maps and discussing with my teachers about the possible options within this brief option, I have decided that I want to start my research and experimenation into humorous food photography and food photography that contains hidden meanings and values. In order to start with these ideas I have decided to get some inspiration from a animator/artist namedPES.
PES is an artist that uses animation to show his work and thoughts towards food. His work is found in short film style and his work has also been featured in some adverts.

The main body of work that I have researed and will focus on is his short animation “Western Spaghetti” which was both writtern and directed by him.

What makes this work unique is that the artist creates a twist on his objects. For example, instead of using butter within the animation, he will use yellow post-it notes. Another example is the use of die representing sugar cubes. His humorous twist on objects represnting common objects is what I am most interested in so I have decided that  I would like to re-create some of my own stills in the style of his animation technique.


AS Unit 2 Work

This is the blog that will contain all of the work that I shall complete for my Unit 2 AS photography subject.
This unit will count for 50% towards my final grade alongside my Unit 1 work which I have already completed.
My Unit 1 blog can be found at this address: